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The importance of installing seismic valves

If during an earthquake your gas pipe breaks, this can cause enormous problems for both your and your family’s safety. Gas leaks can easily cause carbon monoxide poisoning or, in the worst case, they could cause explosions. For this reason, the installation of seismic valves is extremely important.

Installing a system that prevents damage to the gas pipeline during an earthquake is a necessary precaution. During an earthquake, you will not have time to worry about the risk of poisoning with carbon monoxide. Our experts in the installation of seismic valves can ensure that your building is protected in case of such an event. The shut-off valves will prevent the gas pipe from extinguishing the gas in the event of an earthquake to protect your home and family.

The importance of installing seismic valves

Because Romania is located in an area with increased seismic risk, taking precautions is of major importance. Our seismic valves guarantee that you will be prepared for any unpleasant situations. These valves can detect and measure the intensity of an earthquake with an almost non-existent margin of error. If the earthquake reaches 5.2 to 5.4  degrees or more on the Richter scale, the valve will shut off the gas flow without the need for electrical power.

A manually operated seismic valve is useful only if you can quickly reach it and activate it. In the case of a strong earthquake, this will be unlikely. So, if you have a manual valve, you have an increased risk of causing an explosion or a fire in the event of an earthquake. In many areas, installing an automatic seismic valve is just as important as installing a fire detector.

If you do not have a seismic valve installed on the main gas pipe, contact our specialists. They are experts in industrial installations, being aware of the importance of your and your family’s safety. We will do our best to keep your building safe. At Recondi you will find the best products and the kindest staff in the field. Our specialists are licensed, professionally trained and experienced in the installation and supply of seismic valves. We can offer the best solution depending on your application.

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