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Pump service technician

How is the person that we are looking for?

1.Thinks preventively and is constantly looking for solutions for improvement before crises occur.
2.They manage their time well and organizes their working environment (they like order in their working space).
3.They are hard working. Laziness has no place in our company.
4.Has good team work and does not hesitate to support their colleagues (in thier field).
5.Thinks ahead of the steps they have to take and structures their work in logical steps.
7.They’re willing to learn.
8.Speaks English. (Presents an advantage)

What will this person do?

1.Will take the pump into service and will complete documents.
2.Identify the pump and choose the neccessary methods for the repair.
3.Will take apart the pump and will take note of the defects.
4.Will prepare a list of defective parts, to be submitted to another department.
5.Upon receiving the orders of repair, will take the spare parts from the repository and execute the repair.
6.The repaired pump will be checked on the stand and the specific documents will be prepared.

What do we offer?

1.Motivating income.
3.The posibility to participate in trainings across the country.
4.Pleasant working atmosphere.
5.A good and understanding boss.
6.Seriosity (you will receive your salary with no delays!).
7.Posibility of promotion within the company.

If what we wrote about in the ad talks about your abilities and what you like to do, send us an email with your CV to the address:

We can’t wait to have you in our team!

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