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Why Use Seismic Valves?

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Natural gas has started being used in buildings in a widespread manner after the 1900s. With the increase in its use, the accidents related to gas pipes started arising, too. These accidents were generally caused by earthquakes, which led to explosions and fires due to the damages done to the gas pipes. This lead to a need of installing seismic valves.

In 1906 the earthquake that took place in San Francisco caused a big part of the city to be ruined by the fire triggered by fractures in the gas lines. The earthquakes from America and Kobe, Japan, are some of the examples of the fires caused as a result of the explosions of gas pipes during the earthquakes. Therefore, as a result of these incidents, some necessary precautions were needed when it came to the crucial nature of these problems.

After some powerful earthquakes from Turkey in 1999, the use of devices which interrupt the gas flow have been implemented, especially for areas with a high seismic risk, to prevent the risk of explosions and fires that seem to accompany the seismic movements.

The use of seismic valves is considered to be one of the safety measures that must be implemented when it comes to the usage of gas lines in buildings. Nowadays, they are used in countries such as: America, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Romania, etc., all of them being seismic areas. The usage of seismic valves in the aforementioned countries is frequent, especially because their buildings have a high economic value and they require extra protection in case of earthquakes.

Why Use Seismic Valves?

These seismic valves are generally mounted onto the main gas pipe in the building’s entrance. They can function without auxiliary energy and they ensure the closing of the gas supply  in the case of an earthquake. They interrupt the supply of gas in the case of an earthquake with a magnitude of over 5,4 degrees on the Richter scale.

If you use seismic valves, you can rest assured that the gas flow will be automatically interrupted during an earthquake and the gas will be kept outside of the building. In this manner, the danger is prevented before human intervention is needed.

Recondi puts at your disposal the best seismic valves at high quality standards, in order to protect your home in the case of an earthquake. By using Recondi’s seismic valves, you reduce the risk of fires and explosions, protecting, at the same time, your home, life, as well as your material possessions.

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