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Functioning of a seismic valve

vane seismice

If you want to install seismic valves or their installation is required by your insurance company, then you will need specialized help in order to install them. In the case that the installation process requires you to shut off the gas supply, then you have to contact the authorized personnel to turn it back on after the installation is complete.

Functioning of seismic valves

When you hire specialized personnel to install the seismic valves, you will benefit from extra safety. Any unauthorized seismic valves found on the gas installation of apartment complexes will be removed. In case that an earthquake or another significant event causes the valve to close, you can follow manufacturer’s instructions in order to reset it. However, in spite of all this, we recommend you to contact a professional to reset the valve. He will also carry out a verification of the gas meter before turning it on. This will ensure that there are no gas leaks.

The seismic valves commercialized by Recondi have a simple patented design and they are easily mounted. A stainless steel ball is mounted onto a pedestal inside of the seismic valve. When in the ON position it allows the gas to pass through. In the case of an earthquake of over 5.4 degrees on the Richter scale, the ball falls off of the pedestal and blocks the passage of the gas. A magnet is hidden behind the gas mask and it pulls up the ball when rotated counterclockwise for one full turn.

The seismic valve is equipped with a clear sight glass in order to see whether the valve is in the ON or OFF position. When the valve is ON, the internal stainless steel ball can be seen through the little window. When the valve if OFF, the ball cannot be seen through the transparent visor.

Seismic valves should be installed by a qualified installer in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. If installed improperly, it can result in the failure to function as intended, or the unwarranted interruption of the gas service.

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